Mouse Werx Development Graphics (photoshop/gimp)

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Graphics Work

Whether it's working to design a new logo for a business, or tinkering with photos to create lucid and imaginative imagery, I LOVE to create!


My logo design's have a unique gritty quality to them. I take much of my artistic influence from street art, and I believe that style shows through in the designs I create for myself. That being said, I feel as though I can take other people's ideas and bring them to life! I have the software and experience necessesary to create a professional logo, which will look beautiful printed in any color, in any size or location!

Photograph Manipulation

I enjoy tinkering in photoshop and gimp, seeing what I can do with ordinary photos. Every last image on this site has seen some manipulation in either photoshop, gimp, or illustrator.

After Effects

Working in After Effects is something that can take me away for hours, keeping my attention 100% focused on my work. I love making music videos, and just learning more and more about this amazing piece of software.

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